GTG Performance Camp


GTG Performance Camp is back! This time during week 44, Monday (31st of October) – Thursday (3rd of November). It’s a great chance for you to take your tennis to the next level, together with the great GTG team that will focus on your development. Besides tennis and fitness, different activities off court will be held each day. You will be staying at the academy where accommodation (double rooms) and meals will be provided.

Level: Competition level, lowest level UTR 3,5
 From age 11

Price: 11 000 SEK

Week 44:  31st of October – 3rd of November

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UTR Tournament


Also, GTG will be arranging a UTR Tournament at the end of week 44, Friday (4th of November) – Sunday (6th of November). Don’t miss out! Excellent opportunity to put in practice what you have learned during the performance camp!

More information and sign-up: 

Level: UTR 3,5 – 10,5

Week 24: 4th of November – 6th of November