We have tried to create a team of knowledgeable and dedicated coaches with different backgrounds in order to be able to help our players in the best possible way. Some coaches have a background as world-class players, some were good players who never quite managed to take the last step into the PRO tour, and some coaches have a more academic background. Together we form a diverse and strong team allowing us to obtain a high understanding of each individual.

Magnus Norman

Nicklas Kulti

Mikael Tillström

Johan Hedsberg

Martin Öhrman

Peter Carlsson

Gianluca Marchiori

Joakim Nyström

Tomas Romero

Tim Lindberg

Andrew Wilson

Mattias Mikulski

Dejan Zlicar

Jens Jacobson

Sofia Tillström

Jon Hasselqvist

Rebecca Poikajärvi

Joel Åkerlund

Max Löwenheim

Emilia Schlosser

Johan Hjelmgren

Simon Vasquez

Christian Sjöling

Lancelot Carnello

Marcus Knutzon

Richard Wernerhjelm