Stripple Future Generation

Many tennis coaches have received far more attention than Mikael Stripple. There are very few who can compare with him about the significance they have had to our sport. He seemed silent and had no need to take credit or stand in the limelight. Micke liked to do the rough job and let others shine. Stripples Future Generation will continue in the same spirit. We have created a memorial fund to honor Mikael Stripple where the money is earmarked to go to the development of tennis youth.

Talent Development

Each year, an assessment is made of where the support is most useful for talent development. Activities are linked to budget.

Examples of activities planned:
• Camps
• Lectures
• Race trips

Key words

• Long-term view
• Hard work
• Humility
• Be a good friend and role model
• Co-responsible


Donors will receive newsletters on what activities are planned and invitations to participate in appropriate activities.


Donations are deposit into a separate account handled by Good to Great World AB.

Account: 5287 33 623 32 (SEB)
Swish: 123 678 0506
Mark the transfer with first and last name.