Cardio machines of various kinds. Treadmills, rowing machines, SkiErg, Skillmills, Versaclimber, Assault AirBike, Wattbike and Monark watt bikes.

Three lifting stations with hinges and weights from Hatlex. 1080 Quatum Synchro for functional testing and strength training.

1080 Quantum Synchro uses robotic technology to make training more fun, efficient and safe. The coach can freely control the load and speed, which enables training with higher eccentric loads, execute explosive movements, or train slowly and highly controlled for rehabilitation. At the same time, you obtain data on your performance in each repetition enabling your coach to effectively track your progress over time.

Running track with artificial grass for different runs. 1080 Sprint for better mobility on the court.

1080 Sprint uses robotic technology for testing and training acceleration and change of direction. You can sprint with individualized combinations of resistance and assistance, while each step and turn can be measured and documented to follow your progression.

Tennis Specifications
A 7 × 7 meter surface for special tennis related movements in 360 degrees.

Training Concepts
We will develop different training concepts and offer group training, such as Cardio Performance and Total Performance.

Other equipment
Dumbbells, sacks, battleropes, TRX etc