National Sports Education

National Sports Education, Padel 

To become the leading business in swedish padel, Good To Great begins a collaboration with Danderyds gymnasium and the Swedish Paddle Association so that young talents can combine their way to a pro-career with studies. Students will be able to read the National Sports Education Padel (NIU) from fall 2019. The goal is to become a National Sports High School (RIG) for padel in the future.

The teaching gives you the opportunity to develop your skills in padel while reading a university preparing program. A prerequisite to read the National Sports Education Padel Program is that you are considered athletically qualified to attend the education. There are only a limited number of spots. Furthermore, you must have grades to enter an education program that can be combined with the padel program.

Main elements of the padel program

  • Individual padel skills
  • Methodology in offensive and defensive zone
  • Sports psychology
  • Idrottspsykologi
  • Leadership
  • Exercise- and nutrion teaching
  • Sports injury treatment

You can combine the padel program with following education programs 

  • Economics program: specialization Economics in-depth international
  • Economics program: specialization Economics in-depth creative marketing
  • The science program: specialization in Nature
  • The science program: specialization in Science and Society
  • Social sciences program: specialization in Behavioral science – Leadership

Application NIU – Padel

The application to Danderyds High School is made in two steps. First, you are required to be accepted into one of the programs we offer and you apply via the web.

The second part consists of an application, with information about your club team, coaches, qualifications, as well as a personal letter. You send this by mail or post to the manager at Danderyds High School for NIU-Padel.

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