Padel League

Padel League – 2020

All seats for the spring term 2020 are currently booked. You have the option to sign up for a reserve list. Seats are offered on an ongoing basis during the term, with the principle that if a player ends we take in a replacement from the reserve list.

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We currently have 4 divisions at Good to Great for both women and men.
The matches are played every Sunday between 16.00 and 23.00.

Players are prioritized if one of you is a member of the Members Club, sponsor or has a padel subscription at Good to Great.

– Matches are played best of 3 sets.
– Time limit is 60 minutes.
– First two sets are played as usual: to 6 games, you have to win the set with two games
– Tie-break at 6–6 [to 7].
– If it becomes a third and decisive set, it is played until the hour is over.
– 8 pairs in the league, means 7 matches per team
– Price: 935 SEK / person
– When the result is complete, 6 points will be shared
– All matches are played on Sundays

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Padel League – Summer 2020

We are excited and would like to invite you to the most fun summer paddle series game in Stockholm.
The level is a means for men as well as a beginner for women.

We currently have 3 divisions with series games at Good to Great for both girls and boys. The series is played annually during June-July.

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