GTG League

Good To Great Seriespel 2023 


In January 2023, we will launch our new “GTG-league”. Play singles matches on weekday evenings at Collector Bank Arena, in Danderyd.

We will have 48 players. Men and women will be mixed by level in eight divisions. During each round, you get to play five singles matches against the other players in your division. Afterwards, we see who is placed highest in each division and those that are at the bottom. The two best players in each division will move up one division for the next round, and the two lowest placed players will be moved down a division in the next round.

The matches are played on weekdays between 20:00 – 22:00. Each match is 60 min incl. warm-up. The players themselves are responsible for bringing balls (Wilson US Open) to the matches, and reporting the results in Backhandsmash. 

Matches format

The matches are played in a maximum of three short sets to 4 games. First to 4 games, wins the set. At 3-3, a regular tie-break is played to 7 points. The match is over when three sets are played or when the time runs out. During each semester, you will play 15 singles matches (5 matches x 3 rounds).

Price: 4000 SEK/semester

Member price: 3500 SEK/semester

Member with “Spelrätt” price: 2000 SEK/semester

Court rental and the administration of the series are included.


Sign-up for the GTG-league by emailing Max 48 players. You do not need to be a Good to Great member to participate. Please enter your age and game level from 1 – 5, see explanation bellow:

Self-assessment for division level where 1 is the lowest level and 5 is the highest level.

 5 – Very regular player. Plays tennis several times a week and has competed in tennis before. Masters all the basics of the game. Plays solid from the baseline and makes a lot of winners.

4 – Regular player. Has played tennis for many years. Can adapt the game to different game types. Has competed a little bit or played sports for a long time. Very sure comfortable with the ball and probably has a winning shot.

3 – Has played tennis matches before. Dominates all strokes, but it’s not a super talent. Gets over the ball most of the time and with decent pressure.

2 – Understands the forehand, backhand and serve. Knows the basics ok and can speed up the game a bit, but it’s highly irregular.

1 – Relatively new to tennis but can serve and knows the rules of tennis and how to count. Knows the basics of the game, but not comfortable with certain strokes.